Coolderry Operation Transformation

Coolderry Operation Transformation


Coolderry is joining the National Operation Transformation campaign.  This is a community effort to help people help themselves, improve their health, get fitter and have fun.  The Coolderry Operation Transformation (OT) will start out on the 4th of January with an information and registration night.  It will run for a minimum of 8 weeks but we hope to continue it on further.  The organising team are planning the sessions to involve a mixture of walking, jogging, running, circuits and other physical activities.  The exercises will be designed to cater for all fitness levels and ages.  The aim is to get people moving, use the facilities at the club and use the support of others to get off the couch!.  The ultimate aim is for everyone to be able to do a 5k at the end of the programme.

Download the registration form Coolderry GAA Walking and OT Form TC

Download the Operation Transformation Schedule

Key facts

  • Registration and information night on the 4th of January at 7.30pm in the club house
  • Option Weigh In on Monday 11th at 7.30pm at Clubhouse.
  • First nights exercise Tuesday 12th January at 7.15pm sharp.
  • There will be sessions on Tuesday and Thursday for 8 weeks and you should plan now to make every effort to attend all of these 16 sessions.
  • All participants to be at the clubhouse each night at 7.15pm
  • All participants will be required to register and join the Coolderry GAA club for insurance and health and safety reasons
  • Each night will involve approx 10-15 mins of warm up, 30 mins excercise and 10-15mins warm down
  • There will be invited speakers during the Coolderry OT Campaign coming to talk about nutrition, motivation and other topics also
  • There will be weekend sessions also which people will be encouraged to attend.  These will include walks, jogs in different locations e.g. through/around Orange Hill.

To find out more check out  You are encouraged to register on the site so that you can get more information and track your progress.  There are also lots of good videos and other information you can access.  We will post more updates and info here but make sure to come along on the 4th at 7.30pm.

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